Plaisir de Merle

Plaisir de Merle

Situated at the epicentre of one of the Cape’s premier wine regions, Plaisir de Merle is renowned as a producer of exceptional wines. The secret of its consistent appeal lies in a unique combination of sublime terroir, meticulous viticulture with the gentlest winemaking, along with a sustainable purpose, and acknowledging a proud heritage reaching back to the very beginnings of wine at the Cape.

Niel Bester has made Plaisir de Merle wines since 1993. Plaisir de Merle produces a range of red and white, single varietal wines and blends, as well as the Plaisir De Merle Grand Brut - an elegant and distinctive Méthode Cap Classique made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The manor house has been restored, and in addition to being the gem in the crown of the estate, also serves as a guest house and function venue for small events. Its interior features an elegant and eclectic rendition of old and new - a reflection of the estate's diverse cultural heritage and progressive approach to winemaking.

Historic landmarks on the property include a watermill, a replica of the one built by Jacob Marais for his wife, Maria in 1730, and lynhuise or longhouses, each facing the other across. At the cellar’s entrance, the frieze or blazon by artist Jan Corewijn pays tribute to early pioneers and the long wine tradition at Plaisir de Merle.

R45, Simondium, 7670, South Africa
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