The chapel, set within a vineyard in the Breede River Valley, has a serene sculptural form that emulates the silhouette of the surrounding mountain ranges, paying tribute to the historic Cape Dutch gables dotting the rural landscapes of the Western Cape. Constructed from a slim concrete cast shell, the roof supports itself as each undulation dramatically falls to meet the ground. Surrounded by meditative gardens, the glass-walled chapel’s flowing white roof appears to float serenely in a reflection pond.

Inside the BOSJES Kapel, a large and open assembly space is created within a simple rectangular plan which can accommodate up to 120 guests. Highly polished terrazzo floors reflect light internally. The undulating whitewashed ceiling casts an array of shadows which dance within the volume as light levels change throughout the day. This modest palette of materials creates a neutral background to the impressive framed views of the vineyard and mountains beyond.

The BOSJES Kapel offers a wedding package on request.

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