Hot on the heels of the craft beer revolution, a sharp new cider brand is bringing its slick Afropolitan street cred to Mzansi!

Globally, cider sales are booming. Production in the United States has tripled since 2011 and countries including Australia and South Africa are seen as the new frontier for handcrafted cider. Unlike mass-produced commercial ciders SXOLLIE embraces the same principles as craft beer, using quality ingredients and time-honoured methods to create a memorable drinking experience.

SXOLLIE is a unique in offering single-varietal ciders. While the ciders may have their roots in rural orchards, the brand’s heart and soul is in the city. The blend of global trend and home-grown hustle is perfectly encapsulated in the striking SXOLLIE bottles, the elegant 330ml size adding a touch of urban sophistication. The eye-catching ‘X’ mosaic emblazoned across the bottle was inspired by pottery designs synonymous with southern Africa, yet also offers a nod to the brand’s Afropolitan roots in the urban jungle.

It’s unashamedly African, yet with an eye on the horizon. A cider brand crafted in Mzansi, but ready to take on the world. A brand ready for a hustle, with the cheek to take a chance and an eye on the prize. The proof? Take a look at that free-floating X heading swiftly towards the neck of each and every SXOLLIE bottle.